Edi and the Wolf


If you’re looking for a restaurant with authentic grub and a unique vibe then look no further than Edi and the Wolf.  Nestled in the East Village, Edi and the Wolf’s atmosphere lives up to its name.  Thick ropes, like the ones you would have seen down at the piers 100 years ago, hang from the ceiling of the bar and various tchotchkes, like a top hat, line the walls.  Decor aside, the Austrian food is fab.  I went with a large group so everything, except for the entrees, was served family style. These were the highlights:  the flatbread is not to be missed! We had the alsatian flatbread with leeks, mushrooms, and camebert cheese.  The flavors were really nice and although it sounds more on the heavy side, it was the perfect second course.  Before we went to Edi and the Wolf I (obviously!) scoped out the menu … the first item to catch my eye was the spaetzle.  I’d never heard of spaetzle, but I saw in the description it is served with mushrooms, fava beans, and brussel sprouts … at that point I didn’t care what it was, I was getting that dish.  It turns out spaetzle is a traditional Austrian dumpling dish, and this portion was particularly large and creamy.  To balance out the texture, the dish is topped off with crunchy onion pieces … I was not disappointed.
(Spaetzle with mushrooms, brussel sprouts, and fava beans ... topped with crunchy fried onions)

(Spaetzle with mushrooms, brussel sprouts, and fava beans … topped with crunchy fried onions)


(Pork Belly and the aletian flatbread)

(Pork Belly and the Aletian flatbread)

Edi and the Wolf
102 Avenue C (between 6th and 7th Street)
(212) 598-1040
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